So what is a Thousandaire?

Come on now it must be real! I am one! How can such an important step in becoming a millionaire and achieving world domination not exist? How many of us can go from totally broke to millionaire in one step? There is a natural progression which most people seem to ignore.

Making your first £1000 as a micro business owner is a real milestone. But where do you go from there? Things can sometimes come unstuck when you reach workload capacity – after all you only have one pair of hands.

My book will provide realistic first steps to world domination for micro business owners. It will expel the myth that micro business owners need to work 24/7 to earn the right to financial freedom. I will use examples from my own business, case studies, testimonials and templates etc. to allow you to choose what to change in your business so that you too can be a Thousandaire.

Watch this space for a publication date…..