What is a Thousandaire?

If you, like me, run a micro business you will know that issuing your first invoice and receiving your first payment is the best feeling in the world.

Making your first £1000 as a micro business owner is a real milestone. But where do you go from there? Things can sometimes come unstuck when you reach workload capacity – after all you only have one pair of hands.

We can very easily find ourselves spending all our time focussing on the nuts and bolts of our business, but no time at all on business growth. In other words working in our business and not on our business.

Being a Thousandaire is about changing a restrictive ‘can’t do’ attitude into an expansive, growing and positive ‘can do’ way of thinking.

It’s about having the mindset of someone who wants to become a business leader instead of being a business doer.

Being a Thousandaire is aspiring to, working towards or having achieved the micro business nirvana of solely working ‘on’ your business.

So how can you do this?

The key is to grow your micro business by releasing yourself from self-imposed limitations of time and skills, and find others that can take your place.

We need to remember that nobody is indispensable – including you and me.

The Thousandaire Club is a vehicle for me to share the ups and downs of my business growth and what I have learnt along the way to becoming a Thousandaire.  The tips, the strategies, the thought processes that all helped me to achieve what you are hopefully now on the road to achieving yourself.

The Thousandaire Club will be there for you to use as a learning tool, it will be there for you to engage in and to help you to develop ideas and strategies for your business, and it will be a platform that you can actively contribute to in order to help others.


  • If you are considering starting a business and already want to be a Thousandaire – then this page is for you!
  • If you are already a micro business owner who wants to go to the next level or who has reached breaking point and you need to find a way forward to better productivity and more money – then this page is for you!
  • Also if you don’t run a business and have absolutely no intention of starting one but just like what I am doing then perhaps you could share The Thousandaire Club with other who may be able to benefit.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a Thousandaire…..