Team vs Time Machine



Having just started writing my chapter on building your team around you, I was sat at my desk trying to find a good analagy to use and an image of a time machine popped into my head. Wowser! What a revelation!

As a micro business owner  wouldn’t it be wonderful if you owned a time machine? You could work for a client all day and then go back and do it all over again for another client, then again, and again, until your productivity and earning potential reached your wildest dreams? You would be exhausted of course, and nothing much else would be happening in your life, but your bank balance would look extremely healthy.

Or, you could build a team around you that would effectively do the same thing with a lot less effort from you. In a way your team is your time machine. Taking the time and making the effort to effectively recruit new team members will reap the same rewards.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Your very own time machine without all of the travelling backwards and forwards in time stuff. You would be a Thousandaire in no time at all!

Assuming you don’t want to time travel that is? 😀